Seto Community Centre offers authentic Seto cuisine in the café “Taarka tarõ köögikõnõ”. The Seto Community Centre is open as a cafe from May to September. Please let us know, if you wish to visit at…

Seto fare is nutritious and wholesome – and certainly made of fresh ingredients. Seto cuisine is characterized
by the fact that the fl avour and texture of the fresh basic ingredients can always be appreciated in the
Traditional cookery in Setomaa has largely survived, kept alive in families and taught at trainings –workshops that teach the making of sõir, a fortifi ed cheese, is a good example. Traditionally, Setos’ everyday meals included most of what we now buy from organic food shops. And the best Seto ingredients can
produce only the best Seto cooking in all of its good old excellence – that is Seto gourmet or hüä süük (good food).
Food preparation was the domain of women, but stronger drink – such as the home-made Seto vodka, hanśa – was a man’s job. It was always the male master of the house who would pour the home-brewed beer or home-distilled vodka in Setomaa.
Never were cups of vodka placed on a banquet table, nor did pitchers of beer make the rounds unsupervised.